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  1. to the questioner – have u met osama? have u spoken to him and found out if he’s done it? dude – has zakir naik met Jabreel (gabriel) and spoken to jabreel and found out the truth abt islam? its just play of worlds and mental gymnastics.so sam, don’t watch peace TV, stop worrying abt hitler and worry abt how more muslims can get higher education and better jobs and a secular mindset. don’t know abt afterlife (neither do u BTW) but will surely benefit here!

  2. If you have the time, consider visiting Golden Gate Park. The Japanese gardens/ tea house are lovely. The DeYoung museum is also in the park. The facade of the DeYoung is interesting and the exhibitions are very good. Enjoy your visit! We are local (SF) and will try to make your signing. Congratulations on the book.

  3. Ju︰「好些blog的文章更遭報紙刊登」一句中,除非你想說他們被報紙刊登是件壞事,不然請不要用「遭」。按本文上文下理,似是以此作例舉出Blog的可讀性,那應該用「被」或者其他。「遭」雖有「受」、「遇」之意,但在漢語語理中,通常帶有貶義,暗指其遇為負面東西。當文章在講中文水平的時候,請多多注意。

  4. Tak když jsem Agenta Aiku viděla, tak jsem na to nadávala jak žába, co si přilepila jazyk na mucholapku. ale teď na to vzpomínám opravdu ráda, byla to v jistém zvrhlém smyslu docela legrace, a Ludwig Hagen, vzhledem k tomu, že ho mluví Kaneto Shiozawa, který měl neskutečně sexy hlas, mu dodává ohromné kouzlo.

  5. Wonder carissima le foto tutte sono molto carine, ecco dico questo perchè ho deciso di fare un commento del tipo scassac.zi, ecco, lo so che a voja a di' i commenti critici un scassac. sono.Ma io sti consigli li trovo un pocherello tanto ovvi. Insomma – che per montare un set coi pupi ci dovevo giocare toh! Pensavo di prenderli a sassate!Che la luce delle sei di sera è la più bella lo si impara con la prima macchinetta, e via mi sa con tutti gli altri. Ecco mo' per un po' speremo non faccio più commenti scassac.Buone vacanze:)

  6. Sweden here…Sitting here and is amazed by the huge weight you´re pushing up and pushing yourself to the limit. So inspiring to be a part of.Clearly you´ve put on some serious mass to your triceps and front delts – can the progress be a result of this latest challenge?And, 405 is no longer without reach – that´s for sure, it´s right behind next corner what it looks like after seeing this video. Awesome Kevin!! =)// Jimmy from Sweden

  7. Oi, Camila!!!Adoooooroooo os looks do dia!!!!Posso fazer um pedido e dar um pitaco no log?? rsrsEu fico sempre de olho nas suas unhas e nos seus batons, você poderia colocar sempre a cor do esmalte e do batom que está usando em todos os looks… o q acha??Achei liiiiiiindo esse batom e gostaria muito de saber qual é…Beijos, adoro vc e seu trabaho!!! Me inspiro muito!![]Marcella Respondeu:January 12th, 2012 em 12:09 am, Eu super concordo com você Nívia!!! Seria muito útil!!!Beijinhos []

  8. No, I’m just surprised there are so many fucking retards here. . “Quit defending Bieber you faggot.”. He wasn’t defending him he was telling you idiots to shut the fuck up.. “You don’t? even deserve to comment on one of eminem’s videos”?. If anybody’s a dick sucker it’s you motherfuckers, not me.. “Go listen to ‘Baby’ while you finger your asshole.”. Why don’t you motherfuckers open your eyes and learn some basic reading comprehension skills before you like some ignorant dumbass’s comment.

  9. //உங்கள் குலமே பூண்டோடு à®…à®±ுக்கப்படுà®®்தான்!//காரண காà®°ியங்கள் நன்à®±ாக சொல்லி இருக்கிà®™்க. இருந்தாலுà®®் à®®ேà®±்கண்ட கோபச் சொà®±்கள் à®®ூலம் பெà®°ிதுà®®் உணர்சிவசப்பட்டதாக தெà®°ிகிறது. இது போன்à®±ு சொல்வது உங்கள் பதிவின் சாரத்தை குà®±ைத்துவிடுà®®். தேவையற்à®± சொà®±்களை தவிà®°்கலாà®®்.

  10. Lush c’est pas mal dans son genre en effet, Kenzoki a une très forte odeur qu’il faut supporter ( j’ai du mal aussi même et surtout avec Belle de Jour, inefficace et au parfum vraiment écoeurant à mon sens ), pas tenté par les mascaras YSL, attention l’été prochain donc dans 6 mois, Chanel va frapper très fort…

  11. I disagree with your perspective on gratitude. I think it is not at all about comparison, in fact it's stepping back from Americans' usual attitude of keeping up/getting ahead/working ceaselessly and being zen, in the moment, and giving thanks for that which you do have. And I seem to recall (from before gratitude journals got Oprah-fied) that gratitude leads to positive emotional outcomes like contentment, less depression, etc.I made a Thanksgiving playlist that reflected this notion. Songs that explicitly expressed thanks, and others that had that notion of zen, and it's remarkably mood-lifting.

  12. "I don't think so, Morganovich. Historians usually avoid making wild-ass guesses."you must know a VERY different group of historians than i do.they do it all the time. they are not supposed to, but they do.economic historians are the worst of the lot.there is simply no data for 10th century north american production.i defy anyone to produce an even statistically significant estimate that is not based on unsupported guesses about population and productivity.there is simply no data, so they are approximating (read: making it up)

  13. ağzınıza sağlık devamını da bekliyoruz servo işinin. Ancak tadımlık bırakmayın lütfen misal bir heli’yi parça pinçik edin toplayın uçurun sorun çıksın onarın çözün, sökün takın delin …!!! Sonra aynısını uçağa yapın =)

  14. så enig som over hodet mulig med lena. hysterisk morsom bok! i likhet med alle de andre bøkene jeg har lest av erlend loe! at et så utrolig tåplig konsept kan bli til en så usannsynlig morsom bok, er helt utrolig! men bøkene til Erlend Loe, elsker man, eller så hater man dem.

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  18. "everything from procreation (despite it taking two) to the decisions their grown sons (who bw often struggle to raise and socialize BY themselves) make well after they are old enough to know better, gets laid at the feet and heaped on the shoulders of the bw;"Then you sure have f*****ed things up, haven't you? It does take two to exercise responsibility. Why should a man stick around and help raise children he's not sure are his? There are plenty of good bm around – if you didn't lay down with dogs, you wouldn't have so many fleas.

  19. If there is truth behind the rumour that Kim Jon-iUm authorized North Korean technicians to use the Kahn network (Prior to reaching an agreement with the US for food) for parts this time could be cut by 3/4. If political indicators are correct then Iran will have access to Russian technology as well.. Iran could probably create a nuclear device at anytime. A deliverable device with current Iranian missile technology could take a few months. So far US evaluations of Iran’s nuclear capacity may be based on shared information from Russia. If this is true then there may be a bias in these evaluations.

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  21. AND, I experienced a lot of hate speech when I first started working for PP. Maybe YOU haven’t seen it, but it happens. And what matters is what the workers are hearing from their employer. They are hearing that pro-lifers are violent and out to harm them. It really doesn’t matter what you think about it…their perception is what matters.

  22. Good Morning All… Totally agree with SAS and Clot on the value of a good R/E agent. I have purchased three homes in my lifetime – all with R/E agents.Last time around (1999) she patiently showed me everything in my price range for a solid month until I finally figured out I needed to “up” my price range to get what I wanted. She stuck with me through that “learning” process then zeroed in on exactly what I wanted. Keys for me were finding a good listener ..and someone who really knew the area where I wanted to purchase.

  23. Haha, nei – ikke noe alfabetisk her i gÃ¥rden. Jeg har sÃ¥ mange bøker at det kniper litt pÃ¥ hylleplassen. Foruten tre sÃ¥nne Billy-hyller, har vi noen dypere bokhyller hvor bøkene stÃ¥r dobbelt, med de minst populære bakerst/innerst. Men jeg har en slags (veldig subjektiv) orden pÃ¥ dem allikevel. Og jeg fÃ¥r meg ikke til Ã¥ kaste bøker – med noen veldig klare unntak. 🙂

  24. And yet such a seemingly evil book still teaches equal responses and prohibits excessive revenge.The restriction against excessive harm is a limit one must observe in one’s own life. Isn’t it even better to forego revenge completely where this is realistic?

  25. Beuuh déj? je veux pas dire, mais Cyril Lignac ferait mieux de s’occuper de ses poils de menton avant de paraître ? la télé hein. Et pis de mieux se ratisser les poils de tête aussi. Pasque c’est quand même un cataclysme capillaire, ce brave garçon. Pis il a l’air concon aussi. (mais bon, en fait je regarde pas alors c’est du pur délit de faciès)

  26. I have. 2 sisters, one 3 years younger and one 10 years younger. I would even say as adultsni have more in common now and even get along better with my youngest sister. That definitely didn't happen until she was in college but when she got older we then started a realm relationship. It will happen but probably not until they are older. 🙂 hang in there.

  27. It is possible to hear the ocean in the event you put this in your ear. She positioned the spend to her ear and screamed. There had been a hermit crab inside also it pinched the woman’s ear. She never wants to return! LoL I realize this is totally off topic but I needed to notify someone!

  28. ohhh, I so get what you mean! I thought I sucked too, but it was because I hadn’t plotted out the short story through its entirety, beginning, middle and END! i know how they start, but haven’t the foggiest where I want it to go. So congrats on figuring out your problem! Now you can only improve on your shorts!

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  30. Oh how I just adore your blog! I come here and think ‘I am home’…just like when I was a child at my grandma’s ranch! thanks for all the beautiful photos! Love them all. Truly one of my most cherished blogs. Thanks for such wonderful, heartwarming posts! A real joy!

  31. you should keep HTTPS as default and give the NO HTTPS option for who thinks i'ts slower.and i don't know if is HTTPS, but sometimes gmail stops, then i can't send e-mails or delete them, and there's nothing i can do for fixing it up, just waiting.also you guys could focus more on your apps than in HTTPS. there's a lot of good apps, but some of them, like the Twitter for google desktop, that aren't so good…

  32. Wow…..I really appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thanks again! “One never goes so far as when one doesn’t know where one is going.” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe….

  33. zegt:Ribhead,Dan heeft die Frank gewoon mazzel, want ik heb de kracht niet eens meer om waar dan ook tegenaan te hikken Nee, maar laten we wel zijn… Als je telkens een enorm bult warmte laat ontsnappen dan kan dit nooit bevorderlijk zijn voor de garing, toch? En hoe vaker je het evenwicht verstoort, en het vlees even van de spreekwoordelijke kook afgaat, hoe langer het uiteindelijk zal duren voordat de gewenste gaarheid is bereikt.   0 likes

  34. Orson Scott Card is a good person. I am a relative and I will vouch for him that he is not a bigot. Mormons, and people in general, can disagree with same-sex advocacy and still remain human. It is a possibility.

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  36. I was putting our son to bed and had cookies in the oven, and another pan ready to go. When the timer went, my husband swapped pans and “reset the timer”. What he actually did was reset the oven temp to 500 degrees and the kitchen quickly filled with smoke.

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  38. Well, I’ve added more than a 1000 words to the draft since the last check-in, so the day hasn’t been a complete waste (at least as far as writing is concerned). It ain’t over until the fat lady sings, right? I won’t reach the goal, but it’s good practice for the next 10K Day Until my next check-in…

  39. masaさんこんにちは。先生からきついことを言われて、おつらいですね。 ただ、幼稚園でも言われているとのことですので、やはり目に余る言動があるのかと思われます。連絡帳や電話でなるべく頻繁に担任の先生と連絡をとるほうが良いと思います。先生に味方になってもらうには、乱暴な子に無関心な親という認識をもたれないように、「先生から言われたことを気にかけています。何かあったら、すぐに教えて下さい。」という姿勢を見せると、よそのお母さんから苦情があったときにも、少しはかばってくださるかも。そして、お詫びをしたいので、連絡してもいいですかという姿勢も見せた方が良いと思います。相手のお母さんに怒られても、謝っていれば許して下さると思います。 うちの子がクラスの子に暴力をふるってしまったとき、子どもを連れて、すぐに謝りに行きました。子どもより私のほうが泣いてしまって、相手のお母さんが「いいって、いいって。こうして謝ってくれたんだから。これからも仲良くしてやってね。」と言ってくださって、その姿を見てうちの子はもう二度とそういうことはしなくなりました。お母さんが泣きながら謝っているのがショックだったのかもしれません。 そして、お子さんのことですが、「なに、それ?」と思われるかもしれませんが、床に入るのを30分から1時間早めてお布団のなかで読み聞かせをすることをおすすめします。いっしょのお布団に入って、本を読んであげると、お子さんもいろいろ話してくれると思いますし、masaさんも学校のことなど聞きやすいかと思います。小学校1年生で、口が達者でなければ、それだけでもいろいろストレスを感じているかもしれません。でも、読み聞かせをすると、言葉も増えると思いますし、スキンシップもできますし、お母さんにたくさんお話を聞いてもらえれば、ストレスも解消できると思います。お忙しいとは思いますが、やってみませんか?2bc3

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  43. Margarita: Wow, either you are in another time zone or you were making these really late last night! When you fry the arepas they do not puff up really big, just a slight puff when compared to the grilled kind. You want to JUST cook them and not fry them too long because you want a bit of wet masa in the interior. I bet you didnt do aything wrong Does this answer at all or can you explain what they looked like if its something else all together.

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  50. Sandgirl, auriez-vous aussi l’insulte gratuite et facile ?Mettez au moins votre phrase au féminin, même si sur ce post vous ne l’honorez pas , le genre XY, et que je ne suis effectivement pas tendre avec … les sots et les escrocs,c’est kom ça.

  51. Accepting responsibility for your actions is the mark of an adult. It is apparent that Polanski has never progressed beyond the point of infantile immediate gratification. Perhaps he has suffered regardless of his suffering, should he pay for his crime, Hell Yes!

  52. I know I may not be considered the most pro gay person on the blog but, just look at that guy…Field, his type regardless of race usually tries to debate with God this and God that, and while forgetting they have out of wedlock children with mistresses, tryst with prostitutes, back child support, a molestation rap, beats women, or some other unholy wrath they could inflict on others.Maybe he really meant a spelling debate. I'll give him more respect for trying that one.

  53. It is not “illegal”, as long as you have facts to back up your statements.Be sure to differentiate your “factual statements” (e.g., “he was going out with a married woman while dating me”) and your “opinions” (e.g., “In my opinion he is a pig-faced, pencil-dick”).

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  57. “White people ALWAYS..”I talked about TYT nailing GENERIC RACISTS on GENERIC RACISM!I SAID take YOURself out of the RACIST equation, if THAT DIDn’t apply to YOU!I didn’t BRING UP, MEAN ANYTHING ABOUT, OR EVEN MENTION any specific color!YET you could take that to mean something else?You’re black.YET YOU “feel the need to defend” YOURself against accusations of racism from ME..THAT WEREN’T EVEN THERE?WOW!

  58. Selvsakt gjør jeg det,jeg er så enig i det du skriver her.Flott at du skriver om dette,for det er viktig at man er klar over hvor stor skade man kan påføre andre med ord.Så la denne bloggingen være "snill",det har alle mest igjen for.Ha det godt,klem fra Anne-Berit.

  59. Tusen takk for super omtale, Solgunn! Jeg er sÃ¥ lettet over at du likte den! Jeg hÃ¥per bare Egon Holstad tar brevet med et smil – det bør han vel, jeg har pÃ¥ sett og vis gjort jobben for han :-)Ønsker deg en nydelig høsthelg i Alta.

  60. It’s all hard. I don’t know if it’s “better” for a white person talk to white people. I think both are important. I know I’ve learned a lot about racism from both POC and white people. White people need to hear the truth and to accept and discuss their responsibility to and how to change their attitudes and behaviours. Sorry for that hideous sentence.

  61. Parabéns ao filhote – e à mãe! Por aqui, serão os 7, já em Setembro. Entretanto, os sacos chegaram mesmo a tempo de irem de férias connosco. Muito mimosos. O maior é para mim, o outro, mais pequenino, será para uma menina também quase a fazer anos, desta, 6. Obrigada pelo cuidado. Boas férias!Bjs

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  63. I think it takes someone who truly knows what it’s like to miss that photograph to communicate how much that void matters. Thanks for sharing this, Casie. It’s definitely encouraged ME to force my family together, whether they like it or not, so that we can finally have that photo. Because I never want to know what it’s like to be left wishing that we’d just found an hour.

  64. DW: “Jesus himself stated that one must follow the laws better than a Pharisee, and that not a single iota of the Law should pass.”The Law is still there. It has been fulfilled by Christ. I’ll eat a whole sheet full of hog dropping down on me if given half a chance.

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  199. Congratualtions!!! Wooohooo!!! I am so happy to read this – so happy for you! My friend, who just had her first, had a very similar experience. Seems to be a good time for having babies LLM is gooorgeous. I’d be getting all broody, weren’t I knocked up already, haha

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  254. Thanks, David. I noticed they have a Tumblr site and bookmarked it, meaning to read it later – hadn’t spotted the subject of the post. My doubts about the photos were pretty much answered by Andy’s Google Earth images above, but it’s nice that GlacierWorks are responsive in this way!

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  284. The point of the study wasn’t that babies are moral (ok, social), but that they are *only* moral/social within their ingroup. We have a deep-rooted affinity towards people we perceive as our tribe and too bad for all the rest. Which explains the roots of much hatred and why there’s really no point to it in a global society.

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